Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stitch and metal

I'm super craft ADD. Everyday is kind of a surprise! Since I have a completely awesome collection of all the art and craft supplies I can just play and make new things up whenever I want to. It's so good. 

Today I came across some little canvas tags. I painted one yellow and just started stitching it. I backed the tag by cutting an aluminum tray just a tad bigger than the canvas tag. Added some accent beads and put it on a braided ball chain necklace. I like how it turned out. 

Maybe I will make more but knowing all those supplies await me who knows what tomorrow will bring?

If interested in this piece email me at

Have a super day! Make it beautiful. 

Xoxo Kim 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dollar Store Fun!

I saw these little Easter erasers at the Dollar Store yesterday and my mind instantly saw them as stamps. I buy erasers there regularly to use as a base to carve my own designs but these shapes reminded me of the layered screen look I love so much from the 1970's. When I got home I realized my stamp pad selection was pretty weak but I resisted the urge to head out to the craft store and looked in my stash for the juiciest markers I could find. These markers were perfect and bonus they have that nostalgic smell! I just marked the erasers up and stamped them on card stock. 

Since I am a slight pen fanatic and go through sharpies like crazy I thought I'd try out the pens from the dollar store too. There were 3 in a pack. They are great for crafty stuff but no good for art. I used the black felt tip to accent the stamps and give it the retro vibe I was hoping for. What a perfect project for the kiddies for Easter cards! 

Give it a only have to spend a buck or two! 

If you do use this idea share a link in the comments! I'd love to see your projects too! 

Xoxo Kim

Friday, March 20, 2015

Just a little taste

Just a little taste of things I have recently worked on. A few of these things are available right now in my etsy shop just click on the link right over there to the right. ��...this is my favorite emoji. 

Have a great weekend! I'm spending mine with 7 art sisters and we are going to giggle, make art, eat good food and drink a couple drinks. Weekend perfection! 

Xoxo Kim 

Sunday, March 15, 2015



I like to say I have tried all mediums and sampled all supplies but I'm such a liar. Never have I tried and only until recently have I even heard of Gouache. I don't really know what makes this paint do what it does but I kind of love it. I didn't spend much, just under $10 on a student kit with my 40% off coupon at my local Hobby Lobby. I didn't really know what it was so I didn't want to go all crazy right away. 

It's likely that is going to happen. 

I LOVE it! It's kind of a mix between acrylic and watercolor. I tried it straight up on my art journal that had a coat of gesso. It is thick and creamy and covered very well. To blend I just got my brush a little wet and the colors mixed beautifully. I typically draw on card stock with a sharpie so my next experiment was on a little drawing I did of a plant. This was the magic for me. I like watercolor but when you use it on cardstock it's pretty much permanent but with this I used it straight and then when adding the different tones I was able to blend the colors on cardstock with a little water! Magical magicness! 

Do you use gouache? If you do show me your work! I want to see how others use this amazing paint. Just leave a link in the comments. 

Color my world happy! 

Xoxo Kim

Friday, March 13, 2015

Upcoming Saturdays in the Studio!!!

I think I used improper grammar on this poster but ehhh....I never said the English language was my strong suit. :)

If you are interested you must preregister by emailing me at Please include the class you want to take and your contact info. I will send you a paypal invoice when you register. Its that simple and I promise fun!

If you are from far away and want to take a class no problem! I have a few studio bedrooms you can use for the weekend. I am located just an hour from Milwaukee and just minutes off of I43!

Hope to see you soon!

xoxoxo Kim